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About Us

Established in 2006 in the Netherlands, Zconcept is now operating from Ireland (Dublin) since 2010, covering the EU market through an ever growing network of local senior consultants. One of our major differentiators is that - unlike some - we like to keep things simple: Together with our customers we determine the issues, set the (measurable) goals and deliver. It is a tried and tested approach that works each time. Simple, efficient and to the point.

How can we help?

Every organisation that is serious about doing business sometimes needs serious help. It doesn’t matter if you are a large, medium sized or small organisation, or even what sector you operate in – one day you will, or at least should, seek help to further grow or improve your business.

Think of Interim Resourcing for a particular project or period to cover any extra workload. Advisory Services on how to bring your products/services to market or improve the return from you client base by increasing customer satisfaction, retention and engagement levels. Projects to maximise the performance of your sales and marketing team.

Why not outsource your entire sales function to us? 'Sales as a Service' works particularly well when entering new (geographical) markets for example, eliminating the need for large upfront investments.

Contact us by phone or use the contact form. If we believe we have a suitable solution for your particular needs, we will work our socks off to help. Equally, if we don’t think we can help , we will tell you and when possible point you in the right direction of whom might be able to assist.



Improvement Services

Today’s ever changing environment means strategies, plans and even products or services can get outdated rather quickly. In order to stay at the top in your market, or get up there (again), Zconcept can run specific improvement projects for you. All set against clear pre-defined deliverables.

PowerPlay Interim Resourcing

Through our PowerPlay Interim Resourcing we have highly experienced business consultants on stand-by to assist you whenever you have a need for additional resources. It could be to temporarily replace, assist or boost your team. Zconcept delivers the right help if and when you need them.

Sales as a Service Solutions

Your quickest and most flexible way to enter a new market and boost your revenue. Zconcept provides a range of services to get you up and running; ranging from establishing a qualified sales-pipeline in double quick time to a full outsourced sales, account management or marketing solution.


Some of our clients we have helped over the years:


Get in Touch

Call us on +353 (0)87 631 1178, email us on or use the contact form below - include your phone number please - and we will be in contact in no time. Ask us questions, challenge us and provide us with an excuse to meet up for a coffee (our treat). We would love to hear from you.